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MAZA links families going through an urgent health crises with drivers who have motorized tricycles that can get them to hospital safely and at a discounted price. Donate today to help MAZA ensure accessibility, affordability and reliability.

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In the rural areas of Ghana, sick people trying to urgently get to hospital face prohibitive obstacles such as long distances (e.g. > 30km, > 4-hour walk), impassable roads, few motorized vehicles, unreliable transportation service, and lack of money to pay for appropriate transportation. This phenomenon is one of the most crucial root causes of the urban/rural disparity in premature deaths in Ghana, especially for the most vulnerable members of the population—pregnant women and young children.

MAZA, which means quickly in Hausa (the most widely spoken language in West Africa), seeks to reduce the incidence of such preventable deaths by providing an innovative social enterprise transportation solution at the community level that is affordable, accessible, safe and reliable.

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